Honey Bee Farming

Honey Bee Farming

 Honey Bee Farming,Honey Bee farming in India.Bee farming,Natural honey
Honey bee farming is quite interesting. It is one of the most enjoyable types of businesses out there. The honey bee extracts honey from its natural surroundings and then converts it into something that is consumable. In addition, honey bees help to pollinate the vegetables and fruits in one’s area. The following are some of the aspects involving honey bee farming.
 Honey Bee Farming,Honey Bee farming in India.Bee farming,Natural honey

Honey is one of the magical product from nature which shows its love towards living world.Honey Bee is the special type of Bee designed to extract Honey from nature and store in a consumable form.In India,Honey is considered as one of the important natural medicine.Many Ayurveda medicines are prepared by using Honey.Honey Bee farming in India is at its initial stage only.Over thousands of years the source of honey was just forests only.But increased exploration and Honey hunting decreased the honey sources and Beehives considerably.Today we are paying for what we have done in past.The Increased applications of Honey and decreasing Honey beehives make Honey a valuable product.So its the right time to make a plan to convert this situation to a successful business for the benefit of us and the Nature.Honey Bee farming or Apiculture or Bee Keeping is a high profit generating business now.
Honey Bee farming is not a time consuming job.But it require patience.It is like an automated job.Once you setup the system,you just wait.Thousands of Honey bees work for you.What you have to do is give proper security to Beehives and collect honey in time.Being a modern farmer,you can not just do only Honey Bee farming to fulfill your dreams.you can implement Honey Bee farming along with other farming businesses to get great benefit from it.

 There are lots of things you should keep in mind before starting a Honey Bee farm business.we can do detailed analysis of those things in coming posts.Indian climatic conditions especially in Kerala is suitable for this farming.If you combine Honey Bee farming with rubber plantation,the result will be amazing.So its the right time to take right decision.
We are giving total information to start beekeeping .You can start beekeeping in just 225000 /- rupees only and you can start beekeeping in august to September .it is best for start the beekeeping because the cost of total investment recovering in this months.
Unit cost of 80 no. of bee colonies

Non recurring expenditure :-
  1.  cost of 10 no. of beehives per box 2000*80 =160000/-
  2. cost of 80 bee box 400 =32000/-
  3. cost of apiery equipment (bee-veil ,honey tent , bee-tool ,bee-brush) =5000/-
  1. cost of honey units + uncapping tray = 12500/-
  2. bee wax sheet 1 kg =350/- per kg
Return of production
Honey production 80 rupees *40 kg = 3200Rs per Box
3200Rs*80Bee Box= Rs256000
Man Skill Labors cost 5000*12 = 60000
Man Unskilled cost 3500*12 =42000
Migration charge =20000
Feed charge annual = 10000
Total = 132000
New 25 box *700/-each = 17500
Net profit = 149500
Return expenses = Honey production – net profit = 272000 – 149500 = 122500/-
Bee’s increase(25*1800) = 45000/-
Net profit annual =167500/-
this is good busness.
starting beekeeping first must training our farm . training is free 

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